Benefits of Using Smart Locks for Rental Homes

Perhaps you’re thinking of investing in a beach house, mountain cabin, or other rental property. Whether you are going through a realtor’s office or a website like AirBnB, you’ll have to consider how you maintain security for these valuable properties with guests (most of whom you won’t know) that are coming in and out. For cases like these, consider smart locks for rental properties.

Smart locks for rental properties are a popular choice for second homeowners for three key reasons: convenience, flexibility, and (most importantly) security. Below, see the benefits of using smart locks for rental properties and why more and more homeowners are choosing this security method.


It’s highly possible that the second home you bought or are financing is not near your home address — it might be anywhere from 20 minutes to hours away. Given that distance, it’s impossible to continually drive to your property, week after week, and hand off keys to the incoming renters. As such, smart locks are the tech-forward way to keep your home safe and save you on gas mileage. They’re convenient and simple to use: simply place the lock on a main door, give the renters the pin to enter, and then they have the ability to get in and out as they please. Smart locks for rental properties work because it’s security made fast, simple, and easy. And in the age of COVID, this also means fewer face-to-face interactions, also upping everyone’s safety. 


Your rental home will be a revolving door of guests. With traditional locks, that means that everyone has access to the same key and could potentially make copies to then break into your home later on. You don’t want that, and you don’t have the time to change the locks after every guest. Smart locks solve all of these problems: the pins for these locks can be electronically and remotely changed after each guest leaves, meaning when the new party comes in you can offer a fresh passcode so that each guest’s is unique. This flexibility gives you peace of mind and also lets you track who is using which code and when.


Finally, smart locks are highly secure. The tight locking mechanism makes break-ins highly difficult, and many keypads will also lock intruders out if the incorrect code is input too many times. Each locking brand has its own customized features so that shoppers can find the one that is best for their homes, and it never hurts to bolster smart lock security with other safety measures, such as property cameras, nighttime lighting, deadbolts, and other increased measures.

Smart locks are battery or Bluetooth-operated electronic locks that run off an access code instead of a key. Pop-A-Lock encourages property owners to use smart locks for rental homes to maximize safety and reduce the need for rekeying. Get in touch today to see which kind of lock is best for your home, and we’ll handle a free consultation.

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