How do Interlocking Door Systems Work?

Security starts at your front door, but what many of us don’t realize is that doors differ not only by their color, material, and size. Doors have entire mechanisms that distinguish them, and needless to say, some are built and designed to be more secure than others. Today, interlocking door systems are some of the safest ones to maximize security and defense. Learn more about these trusted interlocking systems — and how they can serve your home, office, and business — below.

What is an Interlocking Door System?

The interlocker is the simplest method to secure your property from forced access. Designed for both out-swing and in-swing doors, an interlocking system’s latch protectors are offered in both aluminum and steel. They can also be customized to fit any size door. Connected by bolts and rivets, door interlockers are plates that run the height of the door, reinforcing security, blocking light and sound transmissions, protecting against weather conditions, and slowing the spread of fire, smoke, and gas in an emergency. Essentially, these doors keep you protected by making break-ins more difficult and slowing the spread of danger.

How do I Get the Most out of an Interlocking Door System?

Sometimes, two is better than one: a door interlocker, also known as an overlapping astragal, is a two-piece set of hardware that solves multiple security challenges. Some of these benefits include helping to ensure single, double, and Dutch doors are kept accessible, safe, and secure. This is accomplished through two main pieces that make up interlocking doors:

  • L-Shaped Piece: The L-shaped piece of a door interlocker is mounted onto the door jam, plumb to the door. It’s the first line of defense of the door interlocker and provides a foundation to protect against forced access. 
  • C-Shaped Piece: The C-shaped piece of a door interlocker fits over the L-shaped piece, forming a pry-proof cover over the height of the door. 

What are the Advantages of an Interlocking Door System?

You might think a single lock or even a deadbolt make for a sturdy security system. The truth is interlocking doors give the most bang for your buck. Of course, all security systems are best when coupled with others (alarms, cameras, lighting), but even on their own interlocking doors provide homeowners and companies with a number of special advantages.

  • Metal-powered protection: Door interlockers are made of heavy metals like aluminum and steel that are sturdy and durable; this is ideal for high-traffic areas and for preventing potential stress in residential or commercial spaces.
  • Cut-to-fit solutions: Door interlockers can be trimmed to fit around various kinds of doors in various widths as needed. All sizes work!
  • Damage control: Door interlockers provide peace of mind in noisy settings, like schools and auditoriums, keeping sound out. Similarly, they are prepared to secure the spread of fire when disaster strikes, buying time and keeping people safe.

Pop-A-Lock’s trained professionals provide the proper installation based on use and door style, adherence to safety and building code requirements, and annual repair and maintenance to ensure your interlocking doors are in working order. Get in touch for a free quote and consultation.

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