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Does a burglar alarm also detect fire?

If there are two alarms all homes, businesses, and offices need, it’s a burglary and fire alarm system. Both security measures are nuanced and come with their own specific abilities, meaning that each system is its own entity — and that’s a good thing. What a burglar alarm does a fire alarm cannot, and vice versa.

Burglar alarms come in many types, but they often abide by one goal: motion detection and alerting owners when someone has broken in. Meanwhile, fire alarm systems operate in their own unique way.

All fire systems detect smoke, beeping as a warning, but that is the minimum a system can do. Some also sound when detecting carbon monoxide. But that alarm won’t do much good if a fire starts while you are not home. However, monitored fire systems function similarly to burglar alarms in that they work and alert you and the police or fire departments even when you are not at home or in your office. Such fire detection systems always have their eyes open, which can be crucial if an emergency or accident occurs while you’re away. These also go beyond just sensing smoke, having heat detectors as well for extra safety and assurance.

If you’re out of your home or away from the office and a fire is raging, a simple smoke detector won’t be of much help. By the time a fire grows and is hopefully spotted by a neighbor, the damage has already been done: many possessions, and even your home, can be victims of a blazing fire. Monitored fire systems, fortunately, accomplish many warning systems: they alarm in the house, can be linked to the local fire department, and alert you when smoke is detected. This is crucial in saving you time — you will be notified instantly — and gives the fire department more time to battle the flames and save your valuables and furniture. What’s more, monitored fire systems can be life-saving for your pets; if they are at home and you are notified of a fire, you can make firefighters aware of that.

Additionally, many fires occur while people are asleep. It would be a mistake to assume that you will automatically wake up, interrupted by the smell of smoke. Conversely, smoke can be suffocating and induce a greater sleep, leaving little time for escape. Monitored fire alarm systems will notify the local precinct or fire department, bringing help to you more quickly, combatting the fire, and helping you get to safety.

While burglary and fire detection each have their own security systems, they work best when combined: having both alarms in place guarantees that you, your family, and your staff are always informed when smoke or an intruder are detected. When those alarms sound, they tip-off police and firefighters to arrive quickly — and buy you time to get to safety. Some burglary systems – particularly those for residential use may have a fire alarm capability that can be implemented.

Fire alarm systems are more advanced in commercial applications and will have tie in’s to the building’s sprinkler system and elevators. The annunciators will not be simple beepers or sirens but will include fire “horns” and strobes.

Installing monitored fire systems is required by OSHA in offices and workplaces and is crucial for homes to keep families safe. Trust The Security Professionals to strategically implement all security systems to give you the comfort of knowing your home and business are secure.

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