Are Smart Locks Worth It?

Today, more advanced technology can mean more advanced security. And going digital is certainly the way of the future. With that in mind, is upgrading your deadbolts to smart locks worth it? There’s a lot to consider. Learn more about smart locks, and weigh your options with our handy pros and cons list below!


Pro 1: Never Worry About Losing Your Keys

Smart locks — be they keypads or fingerprint scanners — are all about convenience. Tied into that is that you don’t need a traditional key to enter a building. Instead, you use a customized code or other identifiers to gain entry. This can be highly helpful to those of us who are always fishing for our keys, and it can keep intruders at bay as multiple wrong pins will lock you out.


Pro 2: Grant Access When You Want to Who You Want

With traditional locks, you can keep a spare key, but copies can be lost, recopied, or fall into the wrong hands. Since smart locks are connected to WiFi and are computerized, you can share codes with guests while you are away. Give select visitors access and then easily (and remotely) change the entry code to keep your home or property safe. Given this, smart locks are popular for vacation rentals. 


Pro 3: Lock Doors at Set Times

Up your safety knowing that your doors will automatically be locked at a specified time each and every day. Smart locks allow you to individualize each entry point, choosing when it will be open or locked. They can be helpful for deliveries — instead of your special delivery sitting outside to be stolen, you can intentionally unlock the door at a specified time when a delivery will arrive. 


Con 1: Power Outages Cause Issues

Some smart locks need WiFi or electricity, so when the power is out, you may be out of luck. But many run on batteries, so you do have to be mindful to change them regularly — otherwise, you will be locked out.


Con 2: Break-ins Are Still Possible

A smart lock is practical but is still prone to break-ins. Intruders can remove them with tools or still smash through a door or window, which is why an alarm system is wise to couple with any lock. And since smart locks often run on WiFi, hackers might be able to break into them. Cyber attacks are a possible threat.


Con 3: Smart Locks, but Smart Looks?

On a purely aesthetic level, some people (homeowners or visitors) may not care for the sleek, modern, and often metallic look of smart locks — especially if they don’t “go” with the rest of your home or building’s style. As a homeowner or business owner, you want to make a good first impression, and the contemporary look of smart locks on an older, mismatched building may raise some eyes.


The Bottom Line

Smart locks have a lot to offer, and since most can connect to smartphones, you can always access or adjust the settings of your lock. But a forgotten code is as useless as a forgotten key, so these nifty locks are not a cure-all. The Security Professionals help businesses and homeowners decide which system is best for them, analyzing individual needs and property security. We also offer installation services — give us a call to see how we can find the lock that’s the right fit.

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