Steps to Achieving Better School Security

Steps to Achieving Better School Security

Today in education, there is no concern more paramount than schools’ security and safety. Unfortunately, two epidemics are gravely impacting schools’ well-being. On a safety level, the literal pandemic we are all still contending with, and on a security one, school shootings. Per CNN, there were over 40 school shootings in 2019. That number decreased in 2020 if only, sadly, because so many students were at home remote learning.

Safety and security in schools are essential on a health and literal level, but the good news is there are many steps campuses of all sizes can take to address these concerns and mitigate the danger. Below, see a handful of school safety solutions and tips for upping security.

Have Officers Stationed

Just as members of law enforcement can help keep communities safe, so can officers bolster school security. Having these officers strategically stationed at key entry points — monitoring surveillance, checking IDs, or work badges for staff and educators coming through — can keep risk at bay and send a message that this establishment is a highly secure school. 

Install Cameras to Enhance School Security 

Even outside of a pandemic when the economy is low, and theft is on the rise, it is helpful to have cameras installed on the campus’s various points. Schools can host many expensive items — computers, instruments, equipment, etcetera — so not only will cameras help keep robbers away, but they will also keep an eye on teachers and students to ensure good behavior. What is more, cameras can prove to be lucrative. Rehearsal spaces and gyms often go unused on the weekends. By installing cameras and other keyed access points, schools can safely invite community sports teams and organizations to rent out space and quickly turn a profit.

{Learn the details of how The Security Professionals helped a private learning center provide the right combination of security and locksmithing solutions—built over time—that enabled the organization to monetize its facilities when not in use during and after regular business hours.}

Invest in Antimicrobial Hardware

Schools can be a hotbed for germs, and during COVID, it is more important than ever to find new ways to keep shared locations immaculate. As a coating on many common surfaces like door handles, antimicrobial hardware is formulated to stop or severely slow bacteria growth rate. This specific coating is designed to halt cell multiplication. When used on frequently-touched surfaces, many hands may touch them, but they will not become epicenters of germ growth and regeneration. 

Perform Drills to Promote Schools’ Security

School administrators are increasingly role-playing dangerous scenarios so students can better respond in real-time. By conducting regular, pre-scheduled exercises, students know how to react, where to take shelter, and whom to call in the instance of an emergency. 

Harden the Classroom

More protective measures should be taken to ensure the classroom is indeed a secure space to be. 

  • Can its windows — on the wall and door — be covered to detract strangers?
  • Are there locks on the door and on the closets if those are big enough to hide? 
  • Are there any more oversized items that can work as a blocking mechanism of the doors, or are there any bulletproof structures or areas in the classroom? 

All of these proactive steps should be incorporated into a school’s culture and its budget to ensure school security. 

Safety and security in schools is of the utmost importance to The Security Professionals. Not only can security technology make schools safer, but it can also help schools make money by allowing administrators to rent out rooms during unused times. Give us a call to see how we can be of service to your facility or learning center.

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