Benefits of Regular Maintenance of Your Fleet Vehicles

A municipality is only as strong as its fleet—whether it’s a police patrol car, a parks and rec truck, a school vehicle or a combination of all three—maintenance is critical. These vehicles are exposed to demanding conditions and can often experience more damage and wear and tear. The Security Professionals work directly with municipalities to create customized preventive maintenance programs to ensure you get the most value and service from the maintenance of your fleet vehicles. See below for a partial list of our vehicular services, and see why each is a vital part of the performance and maintenance of each of these vehicle types.

1 Keep Your Fleeted Vehicles Humming with Our Checkup Checklist

Humans need annual physicals, and cars and trucks need regular checkups. Our Checkup Checklist provides a multi-point “fitness exam” that keeps tabs on your tires (required for sharp turns and endurance on rough terrains), brakes (for sudden, surprising stops), batteries (which can suffer when cars like these are on for prolonged periods of time, such as overnight shifts), and much more.

2 Take Advantage of Our Onsite Services

Our onsite services certify that even if you run into an issue, we can come to you to solve your automobile problem at any hour of any day. It’s one thing if your personal car’s battery dies and needs immediate replacing or if you’ve lost your keys or locked them in your car, but it’s much more dangerous if this happens with fleet vehicles. Establish your department’s preventive maintenance program to avoid this issue — and rest assured knowing you’ll always have a skilled resource to call.

3 We Uniquely Offer Both Automotive and Security Advice

When duplicating your keys or getting your car looked at, you need to go to a company you can trust. The Security Professionals have been entrusted with establishing alarm and surveillance systems for businesses, homeowners, office compounds, and everything in between. We can help with your automobile needs and provide experienced advice about how to best protect your car from a security professionals’ point of view.

4 We’re Proactive

Any garage or body shop will wait for you to come to them and patronize their business, but at The Security Professionals, we do things differently: we proactively come to you to check in and make sure everything is running as it should. When you specialize your maintenance program, we’ll check in on you on the assigned date since your last tune-up, will see how your wheels and heat are working in the harsher winter months, and will always have your spare keys available and privately on file, so we are ready at a moment’s notice. When it comes to these essential vehicles, you need more than just an auto shop looking after your needs.


The Security Professionals work with law enforcement and community leaders to protect their most prized tools — their fleeted vehicles — to create individualized maintenance programs so your trucks and cars never fail you on the job. Get in touch to see how we can work together to map out the maintenance of your fleet vehicles today.

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