What You Can Expect from Onsite Services

A security company may call to mind video cameras, alarm systems, and key systems, and that is true — but at The Security Professionals we do all that and more. We can come to you when you need it most, which is a key part of our onsite services. There is perhaps nothing worse than being locked out of your car or office or home, and if that moment comes, you need someone you can call immediately to fix the problem, get in, and move on with your busy day. 

Similarly, we troubleshoot issues connected to your fire doors, alarm systems, and video surveillance — all of which safeguard your key access points and ensure your business can run securely and without fear of break-ins. We know that these systems can take some technical prowess, and that’s why we’re always on call to help if something goes awry. The Security Professionals provide this and more as part of our onsite services — see just some of the perks as part of these prized offerings below.


Get Immediate Access to Your Office or Facility

If you misplace a key and employees can’t get into your office or facility, each minute that passes can lead to tragically lost revenue. As part of our onsite services, we are available 24/7 on call to come in, get you into your building, and supply you with new keys so you won’t be concerned about employee access. If you are worried that keys have been lost and then stolen, we can then investigate new key system security options — the last thing you want is someone having access to your keys, making copies, and then being able to get into your building unannounced and commit theft or vandalism. A company is only as strong as its security system, and we’re here to help and ensure your facility’s safety is air-tight.


Have Skilled Professionals to Call When Your Access Points Are in Need

We can easily take advantage of how helpful our alarm systems and security cameras are — these set-it-and-forget-it tools help keep our companies safe and our employees protected. But wear and tear, technological fritzes, and (heaven forbid) security breaches can all tamper with the wellness of our keyless entry points and alarms. When this occurs, you want someone who is proactively monitoring your system and is already on the way before you detect an issue. That’s what we offer with these onsite services: anything we install or service is something we can efficiently troubleshoot and resolve so your business can get back to operating as normal.


Never Worry About Being Locked Out of Your Car Again

We’ve all done it: we lock our keys in our car or drop them somewhere and then can’t get into our vehicle, making us late for the next appointment and fully throwing off our day. It’s a terrible feeling as you stand there powerless and locked out, trying to trace where you left the spare key, or who has it now. Never worry about that again with The Security Professionals: we are perpetually on standby to get you into your car. This is especially necessary with companies who hire drivers or delivery workers — time is money, and you don’t want those crucial employees to be stuck without a resource to call. We show up, get the job done, and then get you on your way — and, like with your facility, if you worry that your car keys have been stolen, we can get on remedying that as well.


We Provide Contactless Onsite Services

Our world and technology has evolved, and that means we can provide a streamlined, efficient, and contactless service. Our contactless onsite services means we can show up and quickly handle whatever problem — be it being locked out of your car or office or needing immediate assistance with faulty video cameras or security alarms — while also practicing social distancing for added protection. We won’t require any materials from your company or really much dialogue — we can show up with our own tools and get the job done in no time so you can return to your office, car, or home.


We Replace Car Batteries

Did you know our Pop-A-Lock division provides on-the-spot, on-site, no-touch delivery and installation of your car battery? No matter where you are — at home, the office, or stranded on the side of the road — our team can provide you with real-time, on-the-road immediate assistance and the peace of mind you need to make it through the cold winter.


Curious about our onsite services? Give us a call to see how this offering can serve your company’s specific needs and keep you safe and your building accessible at all times so you can run your business with efficiency and ease.

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