How To Save Money On Automotive Key Duplication Services

Making a spare home or office key can be easy enough, but getting your car keys duplicated always feels like more of a hassle. People go through the dealership, pay more than they like, and then have to stash the key in a memorable place. All to say, it can be an involved and expensive process when going through the car dealerships that we expect to have fast solutions. Fortunately, there are some hacks and more reliable ways to go about key duplication services. The obvious secret? Head to the locksmith, not the dealership.

Especially for businesses that own and operate security cars, delivery trucks, and other vehicles, it’s crucial to have a spare on hand. Your business depends on it as one forgetful employee losing a car key can cost your company time and money, provoking the anger of disappointed customers awaiting their goods and services. So when it comes to key copying, locksmiths are the way to go because of their efficiency, expertise, and price points.

Locksmiths specialize in key duplication services; which means they do this all the time and are often available 24/7. Dealerships, meanwhile, may be less conveniently located and less reliably open. Dealerships are meant to sell cars, which is their primary concern; going to a locksmith is a more dependable option because key replacement is their main mode of business. 

Locksmiths will also come to meet you on the road, something many dealerships do not offer their customers. This immediate service gets you back driving more quickly while a dealership may require a few days to process your request. 

Should you have other issues related to your keys, locksmiths can help with that too. Old keys sometimes get stuck in the ignition, for example, and locksmiths are more readily able to assist with that issue. If you bring that problem to a dealership, they will likely hire a locksmith and upcharge the rate anyway. 

It’s also true that locksmiths are able to replicate almost any key that’s on the market today. Dealerships will make you go through the individual car provider, delaying the duplication and likely charging you more for it. However, many locksmiths are able to fashion new keys, even for more elaborate ones. Locksmiths today meet the market where it is at, and that means cutting new keys such as VATS keys, laser cut keys, transponder keys, and electronic keys. Even dealer-made chip keys, created specifically for your vehicle, can be copied and work like new ones. 

For that reason, locksmiths offer cheaper, quicker, and more trustworthy key duplication services

The Security Professionals’ Pop-a-Lock program offers around-the-clock services. Call any time, day or night, and simply share the type of keys lost, the make and model of your car, and the VIN number to quickly have a key replaced by experts at a cheaper rate. Take action now to save hassle later: make a copy of your keys so your business is always prepared and is never caught in a jam.

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