Home Security Fails: Top Do Not Do List

We’ve all thought about just leaving a key under the mat — it’s a quick and easy way to keep a spare on hand or let housesitters in. Efficient does not always mean secure, however, and this is just one of the many home security fails people repeat time and time again. Succumbing to these quick solutions might seem like the simplest way to go, but they can have terrible consequences. See below for a list of common home security fails, and learn how to prevent them to help keep your home secure.

Keeping Doors and Windows Unlocked

We’re constantly going in and out of our home, opening and closing windows as the weather changes. In all that back and forth, it can be easy to just keep everything unlocked, or to say you’ll lock the doors but only at night. These haphazard patterns can be hard to sustain and can lead to forgetfulness. Keeping your entrances unlocked makes it very simple for someone to waltz right in and commit burglary. Lock your doors, and don’t forget about your windows, even those on upper floors. Better yet, couple secure locks with an alarm and surveillance system to be extra safe.

Leaving Keys in Easy-to-Find Places

Under a mat or rug isn’t the only place people will leave spare keys. They’ll often place them under a flower pot, in the mailbox, or under a large rock. All of these are fairly obvious places, ones that are meant to be memorable for the homeowner but also leave the house exposed as thieves can easily find it. Instead of doing this home security fail, up your safety with a lock box with a passcode that you change each time someone new accesses it. Not only are lock boxes very difficult to crack, they also send a message that you take security seriously and your home is not one to be tampered with.

Letting Mail Pile Up

If you have boxes and boxes of deliveries outside your front door, or if your mailbox is overflowing with letters, it’s a clear sign that the owners are not home and might not be for a while. Criminals will take note and will see an easy opportunity to steal your belongings and then possibly break into your home.

Failing to Rekey After Buying a Home

If you buy a home, especially one that was previously occupied by other owners, you should definitely rekey all of your doors and locks. Failing to do so means the previous owners — and everyone they gave a key to — still have a way of accessing your space. Moving is a great opportunity to take stock of your home security; you’ll want to assess the alarm system, strength of the door locks, surveillance opportunities, automated lights for nighttime, and how landscaping can play an active role in helping maintain a secure home.

The Security Professionals work with clients to ensure they do not succumb to home security fails, educating homeowners about the practical ways in which they can best take care of their home.

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