What You May Not Know About Door Latch Guards

We may think of doors as simple structures: they open and close, lock and unlock. In reality, doors are complex, inventive, and security-enhancing systems that are more than just the ornate entrance to your business — and door latch guards play a key role in the mechanics and safety of your door.

As a more specialty part of your door’s functionality, commercial door latch guards usually require professional installation and maintenance. This added step is needed because door latch guards are a very important component of any business’ security, just as surveillance cameras and alarm systems are.

What is a door latch guard?

A door latch guard is an additional piece of door hardware that is used to further increase a door’s strength, sturdiness, and protection. Picture a normal door: there is a handle or door knob at about hip height, perhaps a deadbolt above it, and to the left of that knob and lock would be the latch guard, a metal plate that covers exposed latches and keeps them from being tampered with. Simply put, latch guards offer easy but crucial solutions to safeguard a door as they decrease the chances of break-ins while minimizing the need for repair.

Latches may be cut or pried to criminally open a door; latch guards prevent this. This makes them a cost-effective investment for all kinds of companies’ entrances: storefront businesses, offices, restaurants, and all of the important doors within that lead to more secure areas.

Types of door latch guards

There are a few different kinds of latch guards, including:

  • Out-swinging door latch guards: These more common types of latch guards cover a door’s latch or bolt from the exterior. A thru-bolt out-swinging door latch guard is installed with nuts and bolts, increasing security as burglars cannot unscrew the installed plate. There are also surface mount out-swinging door latch guards, which has a cleaner look as it is not visible from the door’s interior.
  • In-swinging door latch guards. This is for doors that swing inward, and these latch guards have two main parts. First, the U-Channel, which is installed at the door’s facade, and second the protector plate, installed within the frame.

Benefits of door latch guards

Latch guards bring a host of advantages to businesses of all kinds. From a design and installation perspective, these guards are very quickly assembled and can go on any door; many can even be customized to go with the aesthetic of your door, if you so choose. Some options include mirrored chrome and antique brass. The length of the guard can also be personalized. The guard can span just the latch by the knob or run the entire height of the door.

Most importantly, they offer steel-powered protection, a durable material that can withstand high-traffic use. A professional installation ensures damage control, with latch guards preventing pry attempts and protecting the door frame from any damage.

The Security Professionals frequently install door latch guards for shops, offices, and businesses, improving the security of all workplaces. Give us a call to learn more about this necessary service.

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