How to Avoid Common Door Problems

Doors are the portals that transform people from pedestrians into customers. They are the first thing your customers will interact with, they welcome clients in, they are an important part of the tone, brand, and aesthetic of your company. But first and foremost, they are your initial protection, and common door problems can leave your business exposed and vulnerable. These door problems come in a variety of types; see some frequent ones below and learn how to fix them.

Common Door Problem #1: Your Door is Drafty

A drafty door can be more than just an inconvenience. Yes, a drafty door will mean that more wind and cold air will get in, making your storefront, business, or restaurant uncomfortably cold (or hot and humid in the summer). Not only will this impact your electricity bill as you’ll have to pay more to combat the draft, but it’s also the sign of a weak door that is more penetrable and easier to break down. Drafty doors are often caused by worn weatherstripping, which needs to be measured, cut, and replaced. Your door may also not be flush with the frame, which can also lead to more unwanted airflow. 

Common Door Problem #2: Your Door Won’t Latch

This is one of the more dangerous of common door problems. A door that won’t latch leaves your business open and at risk. Intrusions and burglaries are much easier thanks to a latchless door, as are vandalisms and other forms of crime. This problem can be blamed on the door’s strike plate mechanism. The door’s latch may not be aligning with the strike plate; you can apply lipstick on the latch and open and close the door to see where it hits the plate and how off it is. You may have to adjust the placement of the plate so that the latch can align and properly (and safely) close.

Common Door Problem #3: Your Door Violently Slams Shut

We’ve all gone to a store where we open a heavy door, think it will stay ajar for a moment, but then it slams shut immediately on us. Not a very welcoming welcome! Here, a shim needs to be inserted between the back of the door hinge and the jamb. (That hinge will likely be the lowest bottom one, but after some testing you may also need to adjust the center one.) This will correct the verticality and weight distribution of the door.

Common Door Problem #4: Your Door is Squeaky

A creaky door tells people the entrance is old and susceptible. You don’t want to send that message, and fortunately this is one of the easier common door problems to fix. Get a can of lubricating oil, found at any local hardware store, and remove the door pins. Coat the door shaft with the oil, replace the pins, and see how squeak-free the door to your entrance becomes with a little elbow grease.

The Security Professionals understand that doors are a vital part of business operations from a safety standpoint. Let’s discuss how new doors and easy maintenance services can improve your company’s security and well-being — get in touch to learn more.

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