What Are High Security Keys and Locks?

Perhaps you are starting a new company in a new area or are noticing that crime is on the uptick in your business’s neighborhood. It’s never a bad time to look into your workplace’s security systems and see how they can better serve your company’s needs. However, many business leaders will unwisely put this off, thinking it will be one less budget item to spend money on. This may seem affordable in the short run, but think of it this way: one bad break-in or robbery and you can easily lose precious cash, equipment, and products that will set your company back for months or years. To combat this, many companies turn to high security keys and locks.

What are High Security Locks

High security locks provide an extra layer of protection. These special locks are equipped with added reinforcement such as rods and plates that make for a more intricate security system, quickly telling burglars their usual ways of picking a deadbolt won’t work here. The locks normally come with reinforced plates on the door frame to further ensure your door cannot be opened by illegal means. High security locks have a more complex pin system, meaning the only hardware that is compatible with entry is the lock’s corresponding high security key.

What are High Security Keys

Blanks used to make high security keys are limited to just one locksmith per given area, which makes it much more difficult to make copies of the keys. More copies equal more potential to lose or share keys that fall into the wrong hands. Locksmiths who make the special copy will have identity information so that only the correct party can make a copy of the key. The key will correspond to one single high security lock and will have a detailed design so that other keys will not be able to simply open your designed lock.

Where to Implement High Security Keys and Locks

High security keys and locks are of great use to any business. For storefront shops, these locks should be built into the main entrance and also any backdoors you may have that lead to a parking lot or alley — even a private backyard space can be broken into, so be sure to use such keys and locks on all doors. For new residential buildings, consider how these locks can be used to attract tenants thanks to their heightened security measures. A high security key and lock can make the building safer, giving each room an edge and drawing in satisfied renters. And in schools, these locks can be used for faculty-only spaces so there is a separation between staff and students.

How to Best Use High Security Keys and Locks

High security keys and locks work best when used in tandem with other security measures. Some of these include nighttime lighting, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and even proper landscaping (tall shrubs that block your windows will make it easier for intruders to go unseen). A constellation of security efforts will make your business impenetrable, which you will be immensely grateful for when crime rates rise and storefronts feel vulnerable.

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