Security Tips While Traveling That Keep My Business Safe

Now and then you may close up shop during the slow season to give your staff time off and take a much-needed vacation. This is a good idea, as the chance to recharge will mean you’ll come back stronger, but it’s still important to keep your business’ safety in mind, especially while away. Burglars will note when businesses have been dark for too long, and “Gone Fishing” signs might as well be invitations for intruders to break in and steal goods. With that said, you can take a few key steps to protect your business. Follow these security tips while traveling to keep your business safe!

Turn on Alarms

This is the most obvious tip, but also the most important. When you’re away, you want to relax, not worry about the safety of your business. Security starts with your alarm system, and if it’s been a minute since you’ve tested those alarms, or if crime has been rising in your neighborhood, consider bringing in trusted professionals who can assess your alarms’ status and see any recommendations need to be implemented.

Have Lights on Timers

At nighttime, bright lights deter intruders. Having lights automatically go on at dusk and off in the morning helps maintain the illusion that someone is up and that your business is alert, even if no one is at work. Bright lights make it harder for criminals to sneak in unseen, which may deter them from vandalizing your business.

Invest in Security Cameras

Cameras are helpful both during operations and when on vacation. During regular business hours, security cameras monitor employee abuse or patron theft, providing you with vital documentation of any illegal activity. And at nighttime — and while you are away for an extended period — security cameras are your vigilantes, giving you updates of any mysterious activity or illicit behavior. 

Be Careful About Who You Tell

You might not want to shout from the rooftops that you will be away on vacation; such proclamations can make you a target. Instead, you’ll want to plan proactively: you can send an email to your dedicated list of followers letting them know your brick and mortar will be closed down for a bit, but you may not want to publish that news on your social media and website. Be selective, be wise, be strategic. And while away, keep your online sales and social media going — it may be worth paying an employee to maintain tabs on your Instagram and whatnot in case people have questions so you are not hurting customer satisfaction during this period away.

Have a Spare Key in a Safe Space

Even while gone, you may need someone to get into your shop and take care of an emergency. Best to store your spare key in a safe location in a lock box, and be safe about who you give the code to. After giving out the code, reset it when you return so that the password isn’t passed from person to person.

Your business is your bread and butter, but it has no value if it isn’t secure. The Security Professionals are the trusted experts who can fully assess business safety and offer recommendations for best practices based on your company’s status and needs.

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