Choosing the Right Security System for Your Business

A business’s worth is inextricably tied to its level of safety. Companies that do not prioritize security, invest in alarm systems, or adequately plan to prevent break-ins are playing with fire. So, as stores continue to reopen and consumers patronize local businesses, companies must ask themselves: how secure is my facility? A significant part of the answer to this critical question involves choosing the right security system for your business.

Every organization is different, and as such, their individual needs will shift. As you consider the kind of security system you have or the type you might need, keep these steps in mind to take stock of your facility, restaurant, store, or office’s security.

1. Start With A Security Audit

An outside professional or consultant will be of use here. They will best judge many key elements that will determine the kind of security system needed. These factors include: how many major entrances you have, how accessible back doors or private entrances are, what “blind spots” might exist that could be hard to capture on surveillance, and what hours the facility is dark when staff and consumers are off-premises. Understanding these will allow you to zero in on the type of security system that will best serve you.

2. Invest In Video Surveillance

No matter the size of your facility, you’d be remiss not to go with a security system complete with video surveillance. The benefits of cameras and surveillance are bountiful, including:

  • Intimidating would-be intruders 
  • Providing evidence in disputes or crime incidents
  • Monitoring a cash register or other cash-flow areas
  • Providing facility surveillance 24/7
3. Decide If You Need A Control Panel

Some security systems are physical systems run by a master key, and some are simple hierarchically inferior systems with many keys and little structure. Others are digital, where an access panel dictates who has entry privileges to what rooms and when. Fobs or passcodes are used to unlock these doors in this more intricate, contemporary system. Your budget, your facility set up, your internal control processes, the number of rooms, and how heavy your foot traffic is can all dictate whether a control panel is right for you.

4. Other Individual Needs May Factor In

There are a couple of other considerations to keep in mind. Answering these questions will further help personalize the security system you need: Do you want to control the security from an offsite location? How many people should have access to such a system? Is a wired or wireless system best for you? 

The size and scale of your business will dictate the level of security that’s needed. Smaller facilities might invite simpler systems and can be accomplished in a DIY fashion. Larger complexes, office suites, hospitals, or stadiums will likely need professional help.

Either way, security is not something to be taken lightly. As such, an expert eye will be worth the investment, helping you decide what kind of system you need—then installing it while informing you of how to maximize its full potential. Contact The Security Professionals and see how we can best help you in choosing the right security system for your business.

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