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Hands-Free Entry Solutions for Your Business

Even as businesses balance remote and in-person work cultures, office spaces and company buildings still play a key role in planning meetings, hosting events, and greeting clients. But to invite in this level of traffic now, during COVID-19, also means extra precautions must be taken to guarantee employee and client safety. One solution many businesses are finding easy and useful is contactless entry.

A contactless door entry system has many obvious benefits, especially during a pandemic: it eliminates the need to plug in a code or grab a door handle to gain access. When new clients and returning employees touch the same surface over and over, germs can spread like wildfire. Contactless entry minimizes the chance of risk by automating access via modernized technology. 

One of the ways companies can have access control is by installing fob or card readers. This lets each individual employee have his or her own entry system, containing contact to just them and their card. Similarly, for guests, contactless door entry systems can utilize a buzzer where receptionists or security guards are the sole operators of a door’s opening and closing, letting in clients who are expected at a meeting or welcoming new, incoming customers.

In addition to engendering stronger safety and good hygiene, these access control options also promote tighter security for your premises. Nowadays, businesses operate around the clock. This is not only because of technological advances and our ability to email and work at all hours, but also because work times are becoming staggered across numerous industries and offices. 

To keep offices at more limited capacities, employees will now be working at varied hours of the day. Simply keeping the office doors open from 9 to 5 is a thing of the past; now, workers may be coming in earlier or leaving later. Contactless entry gives employees the assurance and independence to card or fob in at their own leisure, using only their pre-granted access to head in and work safely. So while workers may have the ability to come and go as they please, your access control will keep visitors away when security guards or receptionists normally granting entry are off the clock when “business hours” are done for the day.

Not just a response to the pandemic, contactless door entry systems are the way of the future. Install yours today to keep your company entry safe, secure, and manageable. 

If you are considering an update to your door system and want to prioritize your workers’ and clients’ health, The Security Professionals is the New Jersey team of experts who can customize a product specific to your work culture and environment. Go contactless and get in touch today!

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