Video Cameras Do Not See What Our Eyes See

Video Cameras Do Not See What Our Eyes See

Many homeowners are looking for ways to boost their security and surveillance. This is a step in the right direction! Surveillance via video cameras is a trusted method to have an eye on your property and house even while you are sleeping, away, or occupied. These same homeowners, however, are often dismayed when learning how many cameras are actually needed to provide accurate surveillance. “This is more than we anticipated needing,” is a common refrain heard when newcomers want to purchase and install equipment.

There’s one simple answer to that statement: video cameras are not like our eyes. Our eyes have a pretty wide swath of vision. Even without turning our heads, we see what is in front of us and also what is generally to the left and right. Cameras operate on a point and shoot method: they merely spot what is immediately before them. The best security camera system features a few different cameras strategically placed in various locations to capture more footage.

For homeowners looking to begin security camera installation, it is healthier to approach this initiative knowing that there will be more than one camera at play. This is to a buyer’s benefit: after a thorough tour of the homeowners’ property, a seasoned security professional will quickly assess that the best security camera system catches all the hidden areas homeowners might not think of. Yes, there are the key places a camera should surveil:  the driveway, front door, and any back doors, but there are other spots that come into play after a detailed tour is taken off the premises. 

Besides spotting the places you may not think of, there are a host of other benefits to working with a professional security team. Video cameras can be taxing to sync and wire, so having a team of experts handling your security camera installation makes an immense difference in the long haul. Not only will this superior team know exactly where to correctly position and how to efficiently install your video cameras, but they will also help you set up your own surveillance system, whether it be on screens from within your home or on your smartphone or tablet so you can check in on the cameras anywhere, anytime. 

Working with a knowledgeable team comes with the added plus of establishing a relationship with experts you trust. When you have questions down the road, or if a camera gets pushed out of place, these will be the people you can rely on for answers and care.

If you are looking to up your security, The Security Professionals have years of experience with advising on and installing video cameras throughout New Jersey in homes, offices, and more. Call for a quote and to learn more!

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