Does My Business Really Need an Access Control System?

As more and more of us work from home and bask in the marvels of advanced technology, it is no surprise that security systems, too, have broken into the digital sphere. One such system that’s revolutionized the field is the access control system, which is increasingly popular in both small and large facilities. Find out why these systems make sense there, and perhaps at your business, below:

What is an Access Control System?

Access control systems are digital networks that control who has access to what rooms and when. Through control on the system’s back end, managers can dictate which workers or guests can enter certain places. This type of control means you’ll get a detailed report of what time the rooms were accessed and by whom, which can help tighten security and surveillance. 

As physical keys can quickly go missing (or, worse, be stolen), this digital system is a modern, helpful way to minimize risk and maximize security. There are also several different types of access control systems, allowing companies to find one that fits their needs. No matter the type, each design will enable you to set the criteria for the dates and times sensitive to those areas that are accessible and by which person.

How Does an Access Control System Work?

A computerized control panel will dictate the accessibility of a given room. From there, and to ensure security, those looking to use that space will need a combination of factors to enter. The identification authenticities are typically something that person knows (a pin or password), has (a fob or keycard), and is (a fingerprint). 

The control panel will then track who was authorized access and when. Many will also sound the alarm if someone tries to break in or if the wrong set of criteria are entered to prioritize the highest level of security.


Does My Business Need an Access Control System?

There are many reasons why such an access control system might be suitable for your company. These systems help control who goes where without the need for physical keys. This type of convenience is very beneficial for businesses of all sizes. In particular, access control systems are effective in offices with many employees and visitors. Often these larger companies need a higher level of control for who enters and exits certain areas within the facility. Government, residential, and commercial industries — along with schools, hospitals, and labs — are typical examples of businesses whose needs fit the services of access control systems.

If an audit would serve your business, a detailed report telling who entered what space when, this system could be for you. Similarly, if certain employees need unique access privileges based on where and when they work, access control systems can be an excellent solution. And let’s not forget that physical keys can be hard to track and keep, so if that antiquated system causes you stress, it may be time to try out something more modernized and digital!


Access control systems are in demand and come in many different designs. The Security Professionals can help you deduce which system is right for you and then install it with ease while teaching you the ins and outs of the control panel. Reach out to learn more.

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