DIY vs. License Professional

Installing Your Security System: DIY vs. Licensed Professional

No matter where you live, home security will be a major priority in putting your mind at ease and ensuring you, your family, and your home are protected at all times. With technology continually advancing, homeowners new and old may see the benefits in exercising some do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to enhance their security. Today, popular options like SimpliSafe and Ring — smartphone apps that let homeowners monitor who comes to their front door and more — seem easy enough to use. And while these may be a decent start to surveillance, you can’t underestimate the value of a licensed security professional installing an air-tight system.

Many homeowners may be swayed by their own DIY capabilities and what products their friends are using. But this new technology is often more involved than purchasers may initially think: it can be as simple as one installation or as complicated as physically putting together and syncing multiple circuits and systems that control motion detection, door sensors, cameras, and more. Such DIY products will often make the claim that you can open the box up and, voilà, the system will be ready.

Meanwhile, professional security workers know how to expertly and efficiently install such products that yield, often, greater and more accurate results. Without taking the right steps, a DIY motion sensor could buzz each time a large fly zooms by. Without the help of a licensed security professional, average users might not know how to automate calls to the police when alarms go off, program options that allow for customization and helpful control settings, or sync key camera findings to cell phone notifications so users stay safe and informed. 

Through professional security installation, homeowners don’t need to worry about any possible shortcomings and can instead rest assured knowing that their premises are being properly monitored every minute of every day. When these professional workers come to your home, they will take less time and also provide greater context, sticking around to answer any of your questions and show you the ins and outs of the technology, suiting its tools to your needs to increase your home security. Plus, these installers are never far off: the benefit of collaborating with a licensed security professional is they are always on call to quell any concerns or answer any questions you may have. They’ll also be around to patch systems up if anything goes awry!

All homes are able to utilize and can benefit from some form of security. As a trusted company with years of experience, The Security Professionals work with each individuals’ needs to create a plan and system that’s right for you — on budget — bringing everything to your door to quickly install the technology but remaining as a constant resource for all of your needs. Call to learn more today!

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