Security Landscaping: Tips to Make Your Property Safer

When we think of landscaping, we might think of manicured lawns, flower beds, and perhaps even a birdbath placed out the yard for decor. Landscaping certainly is an aesthetic choice, unique to each home, but all households can also benefit from considering its pragmatic points. Security landscaping is a mode of action: an effort that makes your yard, trees, and lighting all work for your home from a strategic point of view. The good news is that security landscaping is not so difficult to realize — a motion-activated light here, manicuring there, and some hedges can all up a home’s safety, protecting your family and loved ones. See what we mean in this handful of tips to make your property safer.


1 Lead with Clean Lines

So many of us enjoy the even crisscrosses of a freshly mown lawn. These are nice from a design perspective, and that same logic can be employed with the rest of our property to best protect it. Cut your hedges to have even sides and tops. Organize your yard in a grid-like pattern so that there are fewer spots to hide in or lurk behind. Maintaining a clean lawn and square bush work allows for consistency and clear sightlines so you can more easily see your property. Plus, if you let your lawn care go, it might signal that the homeowners are not present.


2 Border Your Property with Hedges

A little protection can go a long way. Just as every castle needs a moat, homes with a yard need a row of hedges. Implementing hedges in your landscaping will not only increase privacy—it will be harder for onlookers to peek into your home—but it will also ward off intruders, providing a protective layer that will be more difficult to penetrate.


3 Keep Your Yard Well-Lit

Most of us have a light for our front door, illuminating a path toward the entrance. Lighting in your main entryway is a good start, but plenty of other lighting devices can be used in security landscaping. For example, try adding directional LEDs at the base of your tree to light up your foliage. Doing so will make your exterior prettier at night and provide more lighting to keep unwanted visitors away. Then, install some motion-activated lights near the back and side entrances so that when people pass by, a light will go off, giving the impression they are being watched. 


4 Rely on Thorns

We may want to trim every bush or flower of its gnarly parts. If your lawn has some naturally growing thorny plants, cut them as much as needed to keep your family and guests safe while still leaving a little bit of ‘’thorns and prickly greenery’’ for protection against unwanted intruders. Still, when strategically placed around the perimeter, these thorns and thistles can keep pets and children from escaping while also pushing invaders away.


5 Install Cameras

Your entrances and driveway are best protected with the presence of cameras. These come in many different packages allowing you to better customize by need and budget. While all of the previous steps described will prove helpful, only security cameras will let you know what is happening on your property even while you are not at home.


From a technological standpoint, security landscaping has come a long way. Trust The Security Professionals to show how you can best protect your home — get in contact with us today to get started.

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