Protecting What’s Important to You: The Four P’s

Whether it’s your business, your family, or your home, there is nothing more important than the peace of mind knowing each of these entities is secure and safe. There are plenty of ways to ensure you are protecting what’s important to you in today’s digital and ever-evolving marketplace. However, there are even more ways to do it incorrectly. As The Security Professionals, we have a few standards that help maintain integrity and maximize safety. Some of our standards include a holistic view of security, a phased approach to implementation, and remaining unattached to any one brand of product. This way, we always lead from what is best versus what seems best.

In exercising this expertise, we always protect what matters most, and that’s The Four P’sPeople, Places, Property, and Processes. You can read up on each below, and watch our free, engaging webinar to learn more about how to best protect what’s important to you!


The people most dear to you are those in your shared home: your family, pets, and loved ones. The Security Professionals know how many intrusions happen through the front door versus the back door. We know what tricks robbers use, and — most vitally — how to combat these instances of breaking and entering. Everything from your landscaping to the arrangement of rooms in your house are pieces of a puzzle we use to understand which lock system, security plan, and cameras are the most custom fit for your home to protect you and your people.


Whether it’s a pharmacy, school, restaurant, or other places of business, we’ve crafted strategic security systems tailor-made to each type of company. Our work begins with research to know how your company might be at risk and what kinds of security breaches are common in your industry. Through this, we map out a plan so you and your workers can do what you do best safely, securely, and without any threat of danger.


We examine property holistically: it is both the premises surrounding your building and the physical property (jewelry, technology, art) of expensive items you hold dear. Intentional lighting, alarm systems in doors and windows, lock and access control, and gates/secure entryways all play a role in keeping your properties safe. At The Security Professionals, we know how to create systems and obstacles that not only give you a strong sense of safety but ward off any criminals who our proactive approach will deter.


A successful business is one that runs smoothly. Your operations and processes dictate how efficiently your business runs, and part and parcel of that is the technology that enables clear access, checkpoints, and cleanliness. Card readers, antimicrobial hardware, and temperature-sensing automation keep your offices and businesses safe, contactless, and COVID-friendly. Save time and money by updating your system. In doing so, you’re keeping your workplaces clean and allowing guests and workers to move through these spaces fluidly and securely with tiered access structures.

Learn more by watching The Security Professionals’ free webinar.

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