How Safe are Deadbolt Locks?

Locks, like any consumer good, come in different styles — and also like goods, locks are sold in different tiers. You might not be surprised to learn that the kingpin is the deadbolt, aptly named for being bypass resistant. Regular locks, like spring latches with knobs and levers, have spring-loaded latches that are easy to shim or loid open. Deadbolts don’t. With a deadbolt, you can rest assured that what you want to be kept safe, stays that way. But with that said, how safe are deadbolt locks, really? The quick answer is quite sturdy, but deadbolt locks can do much more than you might think — see below for a list of benefits, lock types, and more.

What are the benefits of a deadbolt?

A deadlock comes with some pretty attractive guarantees: for one, this safer lock makes it much harder for intruders to break in. Locks work best in groups, for extra protection, and having a deadbolt on top of your normal door lock gives extra insurance that your inside (of your house, office, business) will be safe. They also have a very simple mechanism to control — a simple twist from the inside keeps intruders out. Finally, they are non-permissible under many building codes, especially for any public occupancy type. 

What kinds of deadbolts are there?

Deadbolts come in different types to accommodate your needs and work alongside whatever security system you already have in place. See three types below:

  • Keypad/BLE deadbolt. This simple “at the door” lock is a straightforward way to secure your property with easy-to-read buttons. 
  • Smart home deadbolt. Pop-A-Lock’s smart home deadbolts deliver high-tech security that works with your current system.  
  • Wi-Fi deadbolt. With a Wi-Fi deadbolt from Pop-A-Lock, you’ll have a smartphone-friendly lock system that is a great option for families, the disabled, and the elderly. 

How safe are deadbolt locks?

We all lock our door before we go, but using the inset lock on a simple door knob might not be enough to withstand a break-in. While door knob locks simply tighten the grip of the knob, deadbolts are built to lock into your wall and door panel, which means extra strength and greater difficulty in breaking through. 

As such, deadbolts are a must for all main entrances to homes and buildings — though security should also be strengthened through proper nighttime lighting, alarm systems, and other security measures. 

Looking for greater security via sturdy locks? Deadbolts can be the way to go. For immediate assistance, to schedule an appointment, or to learn more about our wholesale pricing, contact us.

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