Property Management Tips: How to Keep Your Property Safe and Secure

Property managers play a vital role in maintaining the safety of an apartment complex, company campus, or other residential or business location. Depending on the property at hand, these managers may have control over the landscaping, technology, and architecture, all of which can be used as ways to increase safety. To maximize security, follow these property management tips that will save you money, keep your tenants content, and give you the peace of mind you need to know your area is safe at all times.

Have a dedicated locksmith

A good locksmith can make or break a property manager’s experience. Having a reliable person to go to for replacing keys or getting a duplicate set in a jiffy will not only make the property manager’s job easier but will also satisfy his or her tenants.

Strategically play with landscaping

This property management tip may seem trivial but can actually play a big part in keeping burglars and unwanted people away. Having tall shrubs border your property is not only an aesthetically pleasing and leafy way to decorate your residence or business, but they can also make it harder to penetrate your entrances. With that in mind, keep tall trees away from windows and second-floor entrances as people can climb them to gain illegal access. Finally, try having open expanses of lawn where it is more difficult to hide. Keeping your sightlines clear makes it easier to expose any trespassers. 

Set up nighttime lights

Investing in nighttime and motion-activated lights is one of the most sound purchases a property manager can make. If a trespasser comes onto your property, slipping in during the dark, but then a light flashes because their movement triggered it, that person is unlikely to proceed any further out of fear of being found. Set up lights near all your entrances (including the back ones you don’t think anyone would go in — those are just the ones criminals are likely to try out).

Install security cameras

This one is a no-brainer: no single person can watch a property 24 hours a day seven days a week, so setting up security cameras and alarm systems ensures there is always a live feed and accessible footage to track your property. If someone notices suspicious activity, you automatically have a camera feed you can play back to see what is going on when, and where. 

Change keys whenever people come and go

Do not simply hand off one key that’s been in use to a new tenant or employee. The previous person may have a spare, and they may have given that spare to a stranger, and now your building’s safety is at risk. Have a clear system in place in order to efficiently deal with turnover.

The Security Professionals’ property management tips show a steadfast dedication to keeping all businesses and residences safe, regardless of their size or location. Looking to up your security and avoid break-ins or crime? Give us a call and we can discuss a plan based on your company’s specific nature and needs.

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