When it’s Time to Have Your Car Battery Replaced

We can sometimes take our cars for granted: we may get busy and ignore their yearly check-up, we may only notice we need to get more gas when the refill light goes off, and we may forget to check the oil every couple thousand miles. This same negligence can affect the car battery, which is the heart of our vehicles. There are many signs you may detect which means you have to get your car battery replaced. Consider these warning signs so you can take care of the issue quickly before it causes greater ones to your car. Sometimes, the longer you wait, the more expensive the services will be.

Your car has trouble starting

This is a tell-tale sign. If you are turning your key in the ignition but the car is either not starting or is making a clicking sound and having a hard time starting up, best you give us a call. We can help. A dying battery won’t have the voltage or current to get your car moving, so be sure to call The Security Professionals to sort this issue out before you get stranded somewhere inconveniently.

Your car has erratic behavior

Sometimes your car will turn on just fine, but other parts of your automobile will be acting strangely. This can also be because your vehicle is telling you to get the car battery replaced. Your dashboard sensors may be off, you may feel some small uneven jolts while driving, or the lights might not turn on. All of these can be symptoms of a dying battery that needs to get replaced sooner rather than later.

Seasonal / Temperature Changes affect your battery.

It’s no secret — in the northeast, batteries have difficulty in the winter. A cold battery produces less current and therefore has more difficulty starting your vehicle. This discharge effect is mostly due to the damage done to them from the heat in the summer. Combined with the abundance of electronic systems that are running even when the cars are off (computers, security systems, chargers that we forgot to unplug, video cameras that continue recording after we lock the cars, dome lights forgotten and left on, etc..), car batteries tend to die quickly in sub-zero temperatures.

The battery is suffering from corrosion

From time to time you have to open the hood and take a good look at the battery. Corrosion can occur when the battery connects to power cables. Locate your battery, and see how it looks. If you notice a greenish or grayish crumbly buildup around the power connections, your battery is suffering from corrosion (needs to be cleaned, but doesn’t mean your battery is bad but it could be – an indicator someone hasn’t paid attention) This means the battery’s lead plates have mixed with sulfuric acid to create a hardened substance that chokes the battery.

Your car emits a bad smell

Anything that is dying doesn’t smell good. Battery damage can lead to gas leaks that smell like rotten eggs. If you smell something rotten when you open the hood, it is best to get your car battery replaced or at least looked at.

Your car is getting old

For humans, age is just a number, but that cute adage doesn’t hold up with our cars. Each car is built differently and gets different levels of use. Nonetheless, it’s important that you investigate your car’s wellness on an annual or (depending on the frequency of use) semiannual basis. Just as you need to get your regular physical, your car needs to have its check-up. When you get your oil changed, that’s a good time to ask about the health of your car battery to make sure all is set. Without enduring extreme conditions, a battery can last about six years based on use.

The Security Professionals work not only in home and business security but also in automobile safety, from our Pop-a-Lock program to our work in roadside assistance. Get in touch to learn how we can protect your car today.

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